Sneak-A-Toke Bolt Pipe


Sneak-A-Toke Bolt Pipe
Take a sneaky hit while on the go with the pocket-size Sneak-A-Toke Bolt Pipe. The portable pipe is constructed from durable, aluminum and is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance. Due to the bolt pipes compact size it can fit into a pocket or bag with ease.

The metal bowl is simple to load, so you can prepare your pipe and easily fire it up while out and about. For the best results we recommend using a metal screen in the bowl to prevent unwanted ash and herb crumbs from traveling down the pipe. The almost undetectable pipe is available to order in a selection of cool color options: blue, black, red and silver. Please select the color option of choice from the dropdown menu when placing your order.

The affordable and discreet bolt pipe is great for smokers who want a quick hit without any unwanted attention. Add this piece to your collection and enjoy your bud in style with this virtually indestructible, bolt pipe. Check out our wide selection of hand pipes and order today for an unbeatable price at



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