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Clearing up some misconceptions about Australia’s hemp industry

Hemp is among the hottest matters in Australia’s agricultural sector. It is usually one of the crucial broadly misunderstood. The crop is grown in all six of Australia’s states, and with international demand on the rise, it’s turning into more and more necessary to farmers throughout the nation. 

With the confusion surrounding hemp, hashish, CBD and marijuana, it’s no shock that hemp may be seen as a controversial product. Right here, we reply among the commonest hemp-related questions, together with what it’s, who grows it and for what functions.

What’s hemp?

Hemp is a wide range of the hashish plant, which is why it has the edgy fame. Nevertheless, it has, by definition, solely negligible levels of THC. That is the cannabinoid that has a psychoactive impact. In different phrases, hemp isn’t a narcotic and if somebody determined to strive smoking it, it will not get them excessive any greater than in the event that they smoked oats or grain. 

So what’s it used for?

Hemp has an enormous number of makes use of. Whereas there may be solely negligible THC, it’s wealthy in one other cannabinoid, CBD, which appears to be taking the complementary medication world by storm in the mean time. Individuals purchase CBD seeds from well being shops and online sellers as a protein booster, whereas CBD oil is used to deal with every thing from stress to arthritis. 

However earlier than anybody knew something about CBD, hemp was being farmed for its fibre. In truth, hemp seeds arrived in Australia with the primary colonists to make supplies for ropes and sails. Lastly, the husk from hemp is utilized in insulation merchandise, paper making and as animal bedding.  

Can anybody farm hemp?

Solely licensed industrial growers are permitted to domesticate hemp, and licenses are issued by the State Authorities. It’s because the Australian authorities classifies hemp as hashish beneath the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981, even supposing it doesn’t have narcotic properties. 

The State Authorities should additionally approve particular rising places and licensed growers comply with routine inspections and monitoring by authorities personnel. The explanation for all that is to verify hemp is being grown for permitted functions and to forestall most of the people from coming into contact with it. 

How is hemp farmed?

Important acreage is now dedicated to hemp all throughout Australia.  The crop thrives in tropical and subtropical climates, favouring temperatures within the vary of 15–27°C. It additionally likes reasonable humidity, and is usually grown throughout summer time months.

Farmers sew hemp seeds utilizing the standard disc drills you see in motion for many crops. When rising for fibre, the crop is prepared for harvesting after round 70-90 days. Seed harvesting takes place round 4 to 6 weeks later. 

Is hemp a worthwhile crop?

Again in 2011/12, Australia’s hemp market was price round AU$300,000. It’s forecast to hit AU$three million by 2023. Little marvel that farmers are eager to acquire and maintain on to their grower’s licenses and that traders are watching Australia’s rising band of hemp-based startups with eager curiosity.

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